The Occupational Health and Safety Law enacted in 2012 in Turkey was enacted in order to regulate the duties, responsibilities and obligations of the employers and employees in order to provide occupational health and safety at workplaces and to improve the existing health and safety conditions. The provisions of this law shall be applied to all workplaces and all employees without any discrimination between private sector and public. This is the legal dimension of the business. But there are also international regulations.

British Standards Institute BS 1996 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Guide, which was issued in 8800 by 8800, is the first health and safety standard to be a guide. However, this standard did not constitute a basis for the certification studies of the organizations. Thereafter, other organizations have issued standards such as occupational health and safety. These standards were basically using BS XNUMX standards, but their content and application were different.

A study was initiated with the participation of independent audit companies and certification bodies to eliminate these differences. The aim is to prepare a health and safety standard that will be accepted internationally. At the end of the work done in 1999 OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System The standard was uncovered.

In order for organizations to cope with their competitors more easily, their employees need to make more systematic and planned studies on occupational health and safety. The biggest problem of employees is not having a safe and healthy working environment. The International Standards Organization, which focuses on standards such as Quality Management System and Environmental Management System, is insufficient to ensure occupational health and safety. Therefore, OHSAS 18001 standards are required.

This standard, referred to as OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) and published by the British Standards Institute, is not an ISO standard. In 2004 and 2007 this standard has been revised twice. Standards after revision in 2007, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 9001 Quality Management System has been harmonized with the standards.

Today, it is important to make production beyond the customer expectations on the basis of quality. But customers are no longer just looking for quality products or services. Besides, they are also interested in the social responsibilities of the manufacturing companies. Because of this expectation, in the classic quality recipes, Worker's health and work safety The expressions have started to pass. In time, with the concept of quality, it is started to question whether the organizations act in accordance with the legal regulations related to occupational health and safety, establish a safe and healthy working environment and continuously improve and improve this environment.

OHSAS 18001 standardshas been developed in accordance with every sector. Organizations that wish to establish this system, regardless of what kind of activity they are carrying out, can apply their health and safety standards in a systematic way in accordance with their general strategies. Thanks to these standards, risks related to occupational health and safety are identified, analyzed and the risks are minimized by the measures taken. At the same time, compliance with legal regulations is ensured.

In this way, employees in that organization hear the safety of working in an organization prepared for emergencies, monitoring worker health and work safety performance, initiating improvement work according to the monitoring results, auditing, reviewing and documenting activities and they become a part of the system.

When it comes to occupational health and safety, it is a systematic way to identify hazards and risks and to identify hazards and risks in a systematic way to protect from accidents and similar incidents that may harm the health of employees, it is meant to take sufficient measures to prevent further occurrence. To the whole of these studies Occupational Health and Safety Management System It called. What are impacted teeth? When one or more teeth fails to grow in the correct position and is therefore held below the normal gum line, it is called an impaction. This can be complete, such as completely unerrupted (buried) third molars (wisdom teeth) or partial when just part of the tooth is visible in the mouth. Why are impactions important? For best function and appearance the teeth should grow in a healthy alignment. When one or more teeth is impacted, this can affect the function of that tooth but also the function and appearance of other teeth. Whether all impactions should be treated is still controversial and your dentist and oral and maxillofacial team can explain the advantages and disadvantages or treatment for you, which is usually surgical.

An average of one third of the working life of a working person is spent in the workplace. The workplaces have various elements, which arise from both the operations performed and the substances used and produced, and which constitute personal health and safety risks. It is important that measures are taken to ensure that workplaces are healthier and safer. In this respect, the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System should be considered a way of life.