It is agriculture to obtain vegetable and animal products. From wheat cultivation to fruit and vegetable cultivation, from goat cultivation to bee cultivation, they all fall within the concept of agriculture. Improving these products, increasing the quality and quantity of these products mostly covers breeding issues. Research centers and faculties are very busy in this regard. Processing of plant and animal products is among the most important issues of agriculture. Wheat is processed into flour, bread, milk in yogurt, cheese, grape pekmez and wine. In the related departments of the Faculty of Agriculture, very intensive studies are carried out on these subjects. This branch, which is also defined as processing, packaging and preparing to market of agricultural products, is among the sub-branches of agriculture. The proliferation of disciplines should in essence strengthen the fundamental field rather than division..

The marketing of agricultural products as raw materials and processed products is among the sub-branches of economy. All subjects from trade of agricultural products to extension are included in the Agricultural Economics. With the increase of the world population, the increasing need for food has caused the target to be more quantitative than quality in agricultural production. With the increase in the selectivity of consumers, demanding and prefering quality necessitated the monitoring of foodstuffs in the field from farm to table in the agricultural production, observing at every stage and certifying by independent and independent organizations as a result. Agriculture certifications; It is defined as the processes that should be applied in order to make the agricultural production system socially livable, economically profitable and efficient, protecting human health, giving importance to animal health and welfare and environment. Agricultural certifications increase the profitability and competitiveness of producers as well as the health of consumers..