INTERTEK INTERNATIONAL LTD. DUBAI BRANCH Technical Control and Certification Inc., which is a company established entirely with domestic capital, conducts audit, supervision, certification, inspection and training activities based on numerous management system standards and on the basis of product certification directives and standards. It has been accredited by accreditation bodies from within and outside the country in relation to these activities and has obtained the necessary powers as a notified body.

The activities of INTERTEK INTERNATIONAL LTD. DUBAI BRANCH certification body can be grouped under three headings: certification studies, training services and inspection and testing studies.
INTERTEK INTERNATIONAL LTD. DUBAI BRANCH  is published by both national and international authorized institutions and carries out certification studies in accordance with the standards, laws, regulations, regulations and similar legal regulations. Depending on the requirements and subject of the system of certification, pre-audit and field inspection activities are planned, carried out and if the necessary conditions are met, the certificates of the relevant system are issued and delivered to the companies. In addition, annual periodic audits of firms are made within the validity period of the certificate.

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)-Gulf Accreditation Centre, is member of IAF