NTERTEK INTERNATIONAL LTD. DUBAI BRANCH Technical Control and Certification Inc. First of all, confidentiality is essential for the certification activities, inspection and test studies and training services activities. It is sensitive about ensuring and maintaining the confidentiality of the information and documents that it observes or obtains during its activities and not sharing them with third parties.

NTERTEK INTERNATIONAL LTD. DUBAI BRANCH operates in all its services by considering the needs of the parties.

As NTERTEK INTERNATIONAL LTD. DUBAI BRANCH, it has the principle of protecting its impartiality and acting independently in all institutions and organizations it serves and will act in accordance with this principle in the future. All records are safeguarded as a client secret in the specified time and in a safe manner, unless the regulations require otherwise.

NTERTEK INTERNATIONAL LTD. DUBAI BRANCH attaches importance to being impartial while carrying out inspection, testing and certification activities and this principle has been adopted by all employees. Necessary safeguards have been established to ensure the objective of any inspection, testing and certification work.