AHJ Authority Having Jurisdiction (e.g. Port Authorities, Building Inspectors)

ANSI American National Standards Institute (Standards writing body)

ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Standards writing body)

ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials (Standards writing body)

ATM Authorisation to Mark – a document that the applicant receives on completion of his product assessment and factory inspection authorising
him to apply the ETL Mark to his product CB Certification Body, for example Intertek-dubai CB TRF Certification Body Test Report Form (Used in the CB Scheme) – outlining
basic product description and the Standards to which the product has been tested.

CSA Canadian Standards Association (Standards writing body) IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (Standards writing body)
LR Listing Report
NFPA National Fire Protection Association (Standards writing body)

NRTL Nationally Recognised Test Laboratory, a body accredited by OSHA to award Certification/Listing on the US & Canada

NSF National Sanitation Foundation

OSHA Occupational Safety & Health Administration, the US Accrediting body and part of the US Department of Labour (Comparable to the Health & Safety Executive in the UK)

PIP Product Information Pack, a request for information about your product that we make to you before we begin assessment.
UL Underwriters Laboratory (Standards writing body)