Polymer testing helps to overcome the many challenges encountered across the polymers and plastics supply chains, including addressing questions around safety, quality, recycling, processability, process development, biodegradability, regulatory compliance, and performance. Whether you are a base chemical provider, additive supplier, converter, compounder, or end user, our polymer laboratory services can help you overcome these challenges, boosting your commercial advantage.

With decades of experience in plastic testing across many industry applications, our scientists have the knowledge to help you improve and qualify materials and products. Our dedicated polymer lab network can drive understanding of your material’s properties and composition, enabling you to evaluate materials for specific applications whilst helping to ensure that they meet expected performance and regulatory compliance requirements.

CircularAssure - Circular Economy Solutions for Plastics

We support the recycled plastics value chain with CircularAssure. A platform of assurance, recycled materials testing and certification services which help you to advance recycled plastic development and enabling the circular economy for plastics. From brands, recycling companies, polymers, plastics, and packaging businesses and other stakeholders in across the value chain, we help you to close the loop.

Physical and Mechanical Testing of Plastics

By understanding the properties of materials and knowing how to test them, an innovator can match a polymer material’s properties to its application whilst meeting expected performance and regulatory compliance requirements. Our polymer test suite of services includes physical, thermal, rheological, optical, aging, barrier, surface, flammability, and mechanical properties which identify the characteristics of your raw materials or polymer and whether they meet specification. Our insight can help you to understand how suitable the materials are for application, their degradation and how they age.